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Sounds and Visions – May 2019

By May 7, 2019Newsletters

Sounds and Visions

The Newsletter of Specialty Sound and Vision – May 2019

Munich High End: Starts Thursday
The world’s largest HiFi Show begins Thursday, 9 May and Anthony will be prowling the halls, visiting our vendors and searching out the best new products. Hoping to see our friends there!
Cambridge announces NEW AX Series
Cambridge’ “Topaz Series” has defined ultimate value in Specialty Audio; however, time has passed, technology advanced and now Cambridge proudly introduces the NEW AX Series: the finest entry level audio components available. A collection of five superlative components, AX Series includes two stereo Receivers, two Integrated Amplifiers (one of which is network enabled) and a CD Player. All of which are priced under $500 MSRP
New Moon: The 860A v2 Is Here!
Improving one of the world’s finest power amps isn’t easy; in fact, it has taken Simaudio more than a decade of intensive research and development to create the 860A v2. Using parts and technologies developed for the $120,000/pr Moon 888 Monoblocks, the v2 represents a leap forward in performance, enhanced with convenience features like switches for monaural operation and AC coupling. $18,000 MSRP
Wisdom Tour
Joe Walters, Wisdom Audio’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager, just completed a week on the road with SSV. We showed everyone the NEW Insight On-Walls and discussed some exciting upcoming products. Thanks to all of our dealers for taking the time to meet!
Price Drop: Dynaudio Music
It’s not often that High End products actually go down in price but Dynaudio’s “Music” series of portable music systems now feature lower Dealer Cost and MAP, making the world’s most versatile audio systems the best values, as well. Please contact us for more information.
Summertime is Terra Time!
When the party moves outdoors your music should go with you. Terra Outdoor Speakers, a Leon Company, offers the most weather-resistant outdoor speakers made and, in true Leon style, are now available in a vast palette of custom finishes.