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Specialty Sound and Vision (SSV) is a Full-Service CE (Consumer Electronics) Marketing firm located in Bergen County, NJ, a suburb of New York City. Since 1995, our team has served the finest specialty High End Audio and Home Theater Dealers and Custom Install showrooms in the New York Metro market. Our international portfolio includes the finest brands in specialty electronics.  Through its intimate knowledge of the NY Metro marketplace and long-time associations with the top dealers, Specialty Sound and Vision is uniquely qualified to promote your brand and advance its sales and stature in this critical territory.


SSV’s mission is to maximize our clients’ sales success in both the short and long term. As a result, we carefully match each brand to the most appropriate dealers, provide matchless support of both manufactures and dealers, and maintain meticulous distribution policies. What’s more, although SSV is experienced in all aspects of mass marketing, we focus our efforts upon the Specialty A/V market. In addition to serving as Manufacturers’ Representatives, we offer our manufacturers a full complement of marketing and support services.

Although Manufacturers’ Representation is our principal enterprise, Specialty Sound and Vision also offers any and all marketing services that a specialty manufacturer might require. We perform National Sales Management duties for several brands and have worked with many manufacturers to develop regional and national marketing programs, press events, media plans, technical writing and brochure creation.  We can work on either a project basis or retainer to help your company establish or execute the ideal marketing program for your product mix and budget


Although Anthony Chiarella started his company in 1995 selling Dynaco, Acoustic Energy and several other hobbyist brands, Specialty Sound and Vision got its real start in 1998 when it was appointed the NY Metro Representative for Audiophile Systems, LTD, importers of ARCAM. Shortly thereafter, the company assumed National Sales Management functions, first for VAC and then Anthony Gallo Acoustics, all the while expanding the portfolio of fine brands it represented. From 2000 through 2005, SSV also served as Press Agent to Audiophile Systems, arranging product placement and publicity for ARCAM, dCS, Nottingham, Nagra and Verity Audio. (SSV maintains strong and positive relations with CE Press.)

SSV has come a long way since the days when our company was little more than Anthony chatting on his cell phone, driving from dealer to dealer. Today, our two full-time employees occupy two large office suites and represent the finest brands in Specialty A/V.

Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Public Relations, Technical Writing and creation of Brochures, Ads and Marketing Collateral. Specialty Sound and Vision is truly a “One-Stop Shop” for all of your sales and marketing needs!

Anthony Chiarella

Anthony Chiarella

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to becoming a sales representative in 1995, Anthony Chiarella was one of America’s top freelance journalists, with articles appearing in Esquire, Men’s Journal, Maxim, GQ, Manhattan Luxury, Sound and Vision, Home Theater, Audio/Video Interiors, Fi, The Absolute Sound and countless other publications. Prior to his writing career, Anthony spent over twenty years—with a six year hiatus as a fixed income analyst for The First Boston Corporation--working in every A/V retail environment from the sublime (Lyric Hi Fi) to the ridiculous (Crazy Eddie). Along the way, he also started Dynaclear, a small company dedicated to the design and manufacture of specialty audio accessories.

Laurie Srebnick Operations Manager

Laurie Srebnick

Operations Manager

Laurie got started in HiFi while in college, working part-time at EARS Nova, a High End salon in Great Neck, NY, where she did everything from maintaining displays and writing up invoices to making speaker wire and assisting on installations. After college, she worked as a pastry chef at Sarabeth’s Kitchen, The Cleaver Company in the famed Chelsea Market and became a Catering Chef working for high profile clients in the fashion industry. Laurie met Anthony at a HiFi store in 2012 and they’ve been friends ever since. When covid hit and the chef business waned, the timing was right: Anthony needed an assistant and operations manager and Laurie was ready for a change, coming full circle back to music!
Laurie combines a love of the finer things, knowledge of Luxury Audio and strong organizational skills. If you call SSV, you’ll get to know and love her!