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Pandemic/ What Pandemic?

In his masterpiece “The Waste Land,” T S Eliot wrote “April is the cruelest month….”. He was right: we hit a COVID-induced sales slump in April but business bounced back in May and sales grew again in June. .

Looks like people are investing in their homes and we’re actually ahead of 2019 in most categories, especially reasonably priced, two channel gear. Let’s talk about brands that might work for you.


LEON TcFIT Universal Shipping NOW!

Leon’s original TcFIT has been the most successful product in company history. Our new, “Universal” version is poised to reach an even greater audience! A new, adjustable frame (Patent Pending) enables TcFIT Universal to work with all SONOS soundbars, as well as other brands. The ability to custom-match virtually any television and soundbar is a unique and powerful advantage that no other audio company offer. Please contact us for details.


Cambridge Awards Keep Coming and Sales Keep Growing!

Cambridge’s value-packed AXA35 Integrated has just been named “Best Budget Integrated” by Gear Patrol while our AXR85 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (we’re one of the few companies that offer these) has been featured in the nationally syndicated “Sound Advice” newspaper column and praised by Journalist Don Lindich “…It’s very satisfying to own and use, and does an especially good job with FM radio. I have recommended the AXR85 to many people who have emailed me for recommendations, and everyone has been very pleased with their purchase.” Thanks Don!

Meanwhile, the CXA81 keeps generating positive reviews, including one from Anthony, who bought an ’81 for his shore house and LOVES it! Meanwhile, Analog Guru Michael Fremer (who has reviewed virtually every state-of-the-art turntable) was mightily impressed by our Alva Bluetooth Turntable and highly recommended it in his “Analog Planet” website.


JL Sales Skyrocket

JL Audio subwoofers might not boom but sales sure have! June sales were up approximately 30% versus 2019, which had previously been a June record.

Installer’s Note: JL Audio now offers a 100’ microphone extension cord, which facilitates DARO Calibration when the equipment rack isn’t near the subwoofer. Please order Model CAL-MIC-EXT, sku # 90488

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Dynaudio Architectural Scores Big!

Dynaudio’s Performance and Studio series of architectural speakers have been gaining widespread acceptance from NY Metro dealers, including some of the largest integrators in the territory. Sonics, build quality and a useful assortment of models have made Dynaudio Architectural a smashing success. Please ask us why.

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Thorens TD 1600 Series Is Here!

Founded in 1883, Thorens is the world’s oldest consumer electronics company and has quickly become one of SSV’s best-selling and fastest-growing product lines.. The company’s new TD 1600 and TD 1601 suspended-subchassis ‘tables evoke the heritage of the classic TD 160 series while delivering state-of-the-art performance. Highly recommended.


SBooster: The Ultimate Pandemic Purchase

What if you could transform the performance of ANY product with an outboard “Wall Wart” power supply? SBooster utilizes a massive toroidal transformer and a bank of high quality capacitors to generate pure 60Hz power, free of noise and voltage fluctuation, to massively upgrade any Turntable, DAC, Phono Preamp or other component that relies upon a dinky wall-wart. We’ve tried these on EAT Turntables, EAT and Simaudio Phono Preamps and the results we NOT subtle! At $399, this is a product that’s inexpensive enough to sell all your customers without an audition, and good enough that they’re sure to love it!

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